The Coaster Window

The Coaster train from Oceanside has become part of my routine while living here in San Marcos. Whether I’m going to LA or Long Beach for the weekend I pack my bag and wait on platform 2 for the 3:25pm train. When the train finally arrives I rush to the top floor and get a window seat with a table, therefore, I can work on my computer and get a front-row seat to the beautiful views of the California coast. When approaching San Clemente the beach becomes clearer and eventually, the train rides on the very edge allowing me to really take a close look at the scenery. I have always stared out the window and watched people go about their day, wondering if they ever notice the train go by. Every day is different, some are sunny and others are rainy, but I always see someone either walking their dog, surfing or going for a run. Where are they going? What are they thinking? Have they ever seen me, even for a split second?

San Clemente, California


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