Study Abroad

My dad has always told me stories about his study abroad experience in Europe. Ever since I was little I imagined myself living in a dorm experiencing life as he did. I always knew I would study somewhere other than New Zealand, well at least I hoped I would. When I heard of the opportunity my university was offering I immediately did my research and signed up. I went to every meeting and spent hours on the website picturing the different places I could travel to.

However, from past experience I noticed a lot of people give up halfway through their application process. You have to have strong determination and really want it. There are for sure many challenges you will need to overcome, this also helps you prepare for the challenges you may need to face while abroad. Take this from me, I am writing this in a cafe in Santa Monica, California. I already know the hard days were worth pushing through and I haven’t even started school yet. This process is all about determination and the will to have an experience of a life time.

I was able to narrow down my options to three schools. I chose the schools that were closest to my family and that would benefit my degree. I selected Framingham State, San Diego State and California State, San Marcos. While I waited to see where I would be placed. I couldn’t help but think where my fait would take me, depending on what university I got into, my experience would change dramatically. I wanted to know so bad where I would spend the next year of my life!!!

When I was finally placed in California State University I was so happy! My mum went to high school in Irvine and lived in California for 4 years. I was so excited to be experiencing the lifestyle she grew up in and told me so much about.

Listening to peoples stories when they where young is so interesting to me. I want to know what they got up too at my age. Sometimes I feel like their lives are more interesting than mine. I came to the conclusion that I have to put myself in the situation to have stories to tell. If I don’t get out of my comfort zone and sign up to the exchange then when I get older, I won’t have any stories to share about my abroad experience. Lately I have had a “Just Do It” attitude. Im very much of an over thinker but I have noticed that some of the best decisions of my life have been spontaneous or without much thought.

This is just the beginning of my journey, but it has been a great start so far. I can’t wait to carry on telling my story and sharing my journey with others.

So far I’m living a dream.